Mudra Mouse: Windows version

Windows version

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It's Mudra time! Control your computer easily and effectively!

An innovative new approach to the control of your computer, which combines efficiency with ease of use!

Mudra Mouse allows you to emulate:

mouse left button (single, double click and drag & drop)
mouse middle button (single and drag & drop)
mouse right button
mouse scroll wheel
customizable keyboard shortcuts

A more relaxed alternative to the mouse, which allows you to control the computer while maintaining a more natural position of the body:

a pinch corresponds to mouse button press
spread apart fingers corresponds to mouse button release
finger circle gesture corresponds to mouse wheel rotation

Multiple Monitors setup is supported.

Mudra Mouse allows you to choose among absolute and relative cursor movement, relative cursor movement allows you to reposition the hand centrally with respect to the field of view of the Leap Motion Controller.

Mudra Mouse now lets you emphasize the recognition of gestures in order to make them more realistic, generating audio and visual feedbacks.

Mudra Mouse now can be used as a standalone application on a single computer or via LAN network with the source / destination mode.

Mudra Mouse allows you to choose among 3 operating modes:

hand movement plane normal to Leap Motion Controller
hand movement plane parallel to Leap Motion Controller
head mounted (VR mount for Oculus Rift) (currently beta)

Mudra provides a secondary mouse pointer, independent of that provided by the operating system.

Mudra Mouse contains a self-explanatory tutorial, in order to learn gestures in an even simpler way.

Auto Start at boot time is supported.

Windows ® 7+ / Leap Motion Controller 1 and 2 - SDK 2.x / 3.x / 4.x / 5.2+